Fake ID: Best Fake ID Website Review and Buying guide 2020

November 1, 2020

November 1, 2020

November 1, 2020

Getting a fake id is a common practice amongst young people in high school and colleges. Finding out that you cannot join colleagues out clubbing since you do not have an id pushes many to get fake ids. Today, the practice has become a rite that each young person must pass through.

Even with fake id popularity, getting one is still a significant issue. Many young people have no idea where to start or which fake id websites to use. The main reason behind this is the presence of fraudsters online who take pride in depriving you of your cash.

Also, understanding the type of ID card you need or which sites to trust presents a considerable challenge. Quality of output and the amount you pay is also essential. You need a website that provides quality, offers an affordable price, has good reviews, and provides novelty fake id cards for you to use.

Here are some of the Best fake id websites you can use.

6 Best Fake Id Websites

1. IDGOD- Best Fake ID Website (Recommended)

IDGod Best Fake Id Website


IDGod is one of the most popular online fake id website providing quality fake ids to students and other individuals across the country. The website provides a friendly platform, highly intuitive, and easy to scroll through when entering information or selecting an id card order. The most attractive feature is the final appearance of your fake id, which mimics a legal one.

You can reach their fake id services from all states in the US and different parts of Canada. The quality of your ids can be similar across the board, no matter which state you hail from while travelling.

Overall, security features are top-notch. The card is scannable and will pass the backlight tests. It comes with superb UV protection, which is a fantastic feature for a fake id. These are also affordable and fit a range of budgets meaning anyone can get them.

The platform presents a formidable exterior when it comes to their picture quality and designs. Clients who desire a fake id must present a photo image that fits the platform's exact specifications. A personal signature has to go with the image for identification purposes. An added advantage is that you can age yourself to 23 and not older than that. They advise matching your age limit so as not to appear fake.

The only catch is that the fake ids printing material is not as authentic as the real Id. Also, they stay away from state ID cards and specialize with driver's licenses. You still get quality services with no form of bias on quality or design.

However, once an order is complete, payments submitted, and shipment instructions are issued. You get an extra fake id for you to use if you lose the other. This is an added plus for the site. Read Complete IDGod Review

Sample Fake ID from IDGOD.PH

2. IDCHIEF (Best alternatives of idgod.ph)

Best fake Id website- Idchief


A fake id website provides fake ids rumored to be of too high quality compared to regular and legal ones. The site found itself in trouble with the legal system as they deemed their products to rival what the government provides its citizens. The site ranks amongst the best due to the quality of the work done and the positive feedbacks given by fake id users.

The holograms and other security features such as bar codes, magnetic stripes, and more match legal ids. The card feel, shape, and size are similar. In other words, having a fake id from IDCHIEF eliminates the need for a legal one, which is why they were forced to shut down.

The website is starting its operations as we write. Their technology may be a bit outdated; however, they still provide superior state ids and drivers license that rival legal one. The platform is navigable, and you can select, enter data, scroll, and much more with a simple click of the mouse.

3. FakeYourID.com (No longer In Services)

Buy Premium Scannable Fake ID


One of the most technologically advanced websites providing quality fake ids for teenagers. The id's quality is high due to the base material in use (PVC and Teslin). With a single touch, it is difficult to differentiate the fake ID card from an original. Plus, they have the right to feel, shape, texts, and security features, making them top-notch designs.

Any security tests are non-essential as the fake ID cards pass the tests easy and fast. The website equips each fake id with text generators, barcodes, and magnetic stripes, and above all, unique holograms that match those of original IDs. Besides, the website services are available to individuals in different states. No matter where you are, you get quality, safe, and secure fake ids to help you accomplish your everyday needs.

One of the added pluses is that the sites provide id making services from scratch. On this site, there are no premade templates. Every state has a representative in the form of a website page. Each id receives ample attention, and the design follows specifications put forth by the rules in each state. It means you no longer have to scroll through complex and numerous templates searching for a suitable design.

The application process is quite simple. The fake id website takes several images of the applicant from different angles. Since they provide convenient services, they do not disturb the clients after taking the shots. They pick the best from the shots for your id. Navigating the site is also fast as the directional details are available to read and understand print.

4. FAKEIDS.COM (Official Fake Ids)

Best Fake Id- Best fake Id websites


One of the newest platforms in the fake id market. The company provides quality state-based ids that match the appearance, feel, and legal state id content. You do not have to input fake credentials with this fake id website. Every aspect of your id follows every security feature present on a regular id.

The website provides an intuitive and user-friendly platform for users and clients wishing to purchase or order fake ids. The ability to perform all these tasks unaided has made the popularity of the site to soar. Ordering follows filling a simple form, taking a digital image and uploading it to the site, and adding your signature to the order.

The fake id website ensures personal convenience in deciding on the payment platforms. Your anonymity and privacy are the top priority for the site; thus, they provide secure and anonymous payment means. If you are unsure how to go about ordering any fake id from FAKEIDS.COM, read through the sites frequently asked questions.

Thinking of security when using your fake id from this site, do not worry; you will get a new and valid fake id every time you order. The site provides updates to their state id templates ensuring they match what is acceptable as of now. It doesn't matter where you present your fake id; trouble will never find you!

5. TOPFAKEIDS.COM (Out Of services)

Top fake ids Reviews

A verifiable and suitable fake id website for fake id users and beginners. The site began its fake id production in Oregon by distributing its first fake ids. Today, the platform provides fake ids for many more states. It is famous for replicating the Washington Licence they claimed was enhanced and not prone to counterfeiting.

The site takes pride in its clients, offering fake id tracking services. You can also ask for a replacement if the government or legal authorities confiscate yours. Since their site is a professional one, all you need is to navigate through the friendly interface. Follow the instructions to click open one of their support tickets.

The platform quality of customer care, transparent fake id ordering system, and private/anonymous services make it a trustworthy fake id website. The site can provide for any fake id requirements ensuring you do not miss out on anything. Also, the package and deliver your ids on time and secure. Topfakeids.com is a popular and classy fake id online website you can trust to cater to all your needs.


ID Viking trusted Source For Fake IDs


One of the longest-serving fake id website on the market. The site prides itself on the services it provides to students ensuring they have access to many things. Even with so many years in the fake id industry, it is still hard to pinpoint where the company or website originates. However, it is a guaranteed and fair way to get your fake id.

The only catch about the website is that customers are not happy with the quality of fake ids. They complain of low-security features, making them useless when needed. Also, there are no select and convenient payment platforms making the transaction a nightmare.

The site does not offer a range of services and specializes only on student ids. It limits the number of times one can use the platform. Sometimes, deliveries in the US fail, which is quite discouraging for many.

Factors to consider when getting fake id

Finding a way to enjoy your life while still under 21 is fun and exciting. However, it is risky and can land you into trouble. That is why you need to know what to look for in a fake id when selecting a fake id website. The factors to consider include:

The purpose for the Fake id

What are your plans for the fake id? Answering this question will help you identify the features, information, and design your fake id will take. Are you seeking a driver's license id, a national or state id, or a school id? All these have varying features and, thus, purposes.

Budget range

Since young individuals participate in purchasing and using fake ids, the purchase amount is a crucial factor. Quality ID cards can come at a very high price. However, many fake id websites provide a pocket-friendly price that matches your budget range. Also, you may not want to spend more than is essential when buying a fake id. Compare the different site prices. Look at id quality and the delivery period before settling on one. Dont Buy fromm A scam Fake id Site


Purchasing and using a fake id requires privacy and confidentiality. Not every individual has to know your id is fake or else. You won't get the services you need. Therefore, please select a site that provides anonymity in their ordering process, especially payment structure and the delivery or shipment. Make sure that they are reliable.

Wide range of services

There are many types of fake ids one might need to ease up their lives. Therefore, you need a provider that can prepare every type of fake ID card. Therefore, don't just shop for an id card. Shop for the best ID card website ever.

Also, some fake id websites provide services for specific states. Be sure to assess the id website you pick to ensure it can generate an id card for you regardless of your location. Many provide fake id services to all states, ingratiating specific rules for each state in the official document you select. The function saves you money and time used in search of a different platform or service.


Like purchasing any household item, clothes, machinery, and much more, one has to look at the brand and company reputation. The more embellished it is with positive customer reviews, the better the product. Consider a fake id website that has a positive reputation and several reviews from loyal customers.


Finding the right fake id website can be liberating in many instances. However, you must remember to select the right provider for a fake id, review the price to match your budget, estimate the number of ids you may need and the service's availability, and more. Also, assess and understand the business entity's reputation as it assures the id's cost, security, and quality.

Peruse the available sites and make a decision on which is preferable depending on personal preferences. Our top choice is IDGOD.ph. Not only do they provide timely services with their deliveries, but you can also access the site from any state, provide competitive pricing, and is a reputable organization. They provide you with secure and anonymous services, which is the first check for many fake id users.

Get your fake id today!