Fake Id Fraud Sites – Fake IDGOD Sites to Avoid

Fake ID Scam Site (Fake IDGOD Sites to Avoid)

Fake ids have become an essential commodity in the life of young people in the US. Parents and other guardians and society describe the ownership and use of fake ids as a 'rite of passage.' It means that every single day, a young person is placing an order for the purchase and delivery of a fake id.

Ordering, paying, and delivery of a fake id seems to be a simple process. However, it encounters many challenges, especially when it comes to identifying a legit online platform. For instance, IDGOD, a fake id website that provides some of the best duplicate identification cards, has many copy cats. Today, if you enter the name 'IDGOD' to your search engine, you receive many sites claiming to be the real platform.

Young people are losing money to these frauds, while others receive poor-quality fake ids that are easy to spot and do not justify the amount paid. Based on this, we have seen it important to review some of the platforms that claim to be the real IDGOD fake id website. So are they or are they not the real deal?

1. IDGOD.ch

The first fake deal for a fake id card is the IDGOD.ch. Our review team placed an order on the platform several weeks ago, and we are still to receive the id or a response from the platform. If you take a closer look at the website, you will find that they have a FAQ section offering limited information.

Ordering had no challenges as the form is simple to understand and fill in before submitting it. The payment options for the fake id are only two, either bitcoin or western union. After reviewing the prices, we decide only to take one. The price for it was $125, far much higher than other fake id websites.

Another indicator that the website is fake promises to deliver fake IDs to almost all US states. The price remains the same in every state regardless of the different features that a fake id must incorporate. You might see this as a plus due to the high pricing, but it is a trick that makes the site seem harmless.

The platform promises quality ID cards and pre-preparation awaiting for you to submit your payment. However, once the payment is in, you wait for over seven weeks and do not receive a fake id. If you decide to contact the platform's customer service team, you meet a dead end. We have written to them several times after the third week without delivery, but there was no response to date.

The site is a no go, and if you do not heed our advice, you may want to look at the Trustpilot reviews for the site.

2. IDGOD.info

When it comes to extreme prices for a single fake id, these illegitimate platforms take the lead. Not only do you pay $200 for a single fake id and a duplicate of it, but you also end up losing the amount to the site without a fake id insight. Once you go through the website, you will marvel at all the services and quality id cards they advertise; however, you risk your money if you order.

The website is quite inviting and tries to provide you with essential information at a go. However, they do not provide even a single fake id picture. All they have are party pictures, which do not represent the services they are selling. After you scroll down, you will come across a complete list of states and counties the fake id website professes to service fake ids. Not many legit fake id sites can provide extensive services as this specific website tries to tell us.

What is more reassuring to most clients and ends up making this scam seem almost real is the amount of advice given in the payment options sections. They indicate that clients should have receipts stored well for at least two months in future problems. However, not one of our emails to the fake id websites customer services received a response. Thus, no matter what challenges you face, the site's client relations part takes no notice as it is a scam.

At the start of the review, we placed an order for an Ohio id card. We proceeded to take the images, even though not quality ones, and uploaded our request. We made the payment, and we have waited eight weeks and are still waiting for our id card. Since our id has not come, we cannot determine the quality of id or issue.

The platform is a scam, and they are operating out in the open. The website will try to sell you a fake id and indicate the party's and enjoyment factors you are missing, but without a sample id card, it isn't easy to believe they offer the service. Therefore, before placing an order, review your fake id options again.

Idgod.info is a fraud!

3. IDGOD.org

Determining that this is a fake id can present many challenges. First, they have a quality website with no clutter and direct details on what you need to know. Secondly, they have a quality fake id sample on the home page, making it impossible to go past that. There are stop and order requests all through the site that can muddle your mind by placing an order without completing the review.

Young people should stay away from such sites as they promise fake ids to almost all US states. Their prices are quite high and provide no discounts. You end up paying around $200 compared to other legit businesses that only charge you $80 on the higher side for a single fake id. To further convince clients, they denote specific articles on the site that indicate its legitimacy. Upon further investigations, these sites like the USA Today denotes IDGod.ph and not IDGod.org. These are two distinct organizations, and the latter is a scam.

After deliberations with the team after the other sites failed to deliver, we decided to place an order. The age restriction is at 23 years, meaning you cannot use the platform to duplicate an id if you are older. Also, our order though paid for and correct date submitted, never came through. We are still waiting, and it has already taken approximately two months since we placed the order.

After the first three weeks, we decided to seek customer service support. We emailed their client support team via the available email on site: EMAIL IDGOD@EMAILSAFE.ORG. To date, we have received no responses from them and no refunds.

IDGOD.org is a scam!

4. IDGOD.pe

If you want to know how the real fake id website amongst all these looks like, you may as well have a look at IDGOD.pe. The owners of this site have no shame or tact. The site is a complete replica of the real site and makes money defrauding people of their hard-earned money. It was a shock to many of us when we had to review the site, and we came face-to-face with the website's content.

The site follows the trusted arrangement of information that is easy to navigate and understand, similar to the real site. The order forms are similar to the very tiniest details indicating the maximum file size for your signature at the end. The only difference is that it is less detailed than the original one making it easy to differentiate. The background, text, and font for the text and color combination remain the same in both sites.

The price list remains the same and so, are the states and countries, which provide fake ids. Differentiating this site from the original is difficult, but the contact information is different. To contact the site, you need to email: idgod.pe. However, do not expect any replies or solutions as the service is non-existent. We never got any replies back after waiting for an id and getting the worst fake id quality and design we have ever seen.

How to know the real IDGod?

IDGod.ph is the original fake id website that the legitimate platform. We have verified the platform's services, from quality ID cards to an amazing customer service platform. We emailed a request and received a reply hours later.

After placing an id order, we received a confirmation notification on our email and a tracking number less than a week later. In two weeks, we have duplicate ids and ready to party. To verify its originality, Trustpilot rates its services at 4.5 stars out of 5. USA Today indicates the site giving its original link as a fake id website.

Look for authenticity like the number of years the site has been servicing the youths with fake ids. You will find that most scams just entered the fake id market. Authentic platforms began offering their services a long time ago, just like IDGOD.ph.


You can also check other reviews and listen to customer feedback. However, don't jump onto any platform spotting the name IDGOD. Most of them are frauds and scams.

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