IDCHIEF.PH - Complete Review 

IDCHIEF.PH is a fake id website or an online id vendor for over ten years. The vendor that produces quality and superior state id designs has no known origin. Its establishment has had some significant impacts on young people.

"Getting quality fake ids and duplicates was difficult in many states, but when IDCHIEEF came up, it was suddenly easier to get an id and have fun with friends," says one of the participants we interviewed.

IDCHIEF is said to provide anonymous packages to indicated destinations. Every order delivery follows the same stipulations and timelines, which is a quality that many young people marvel at always. However, most interesting is the quality, which indicates powerful printing machinery, expert personnel, and superior technological input.

Why IDCHIEF PH is popular?

The online vendor has a relaxed, elegant, and easy to follow website. Once you log in, all you have to do is read through their home page to become aware of what they offer, security elements, available payment platforms, shipping, customer support, and more. Offering all these details in a single click of your mouse offers a base and generates a little trust for clients to start before placing an order.

The platform also enjoys ten years in the fake id industry as an established and well-liked supplier. The order process is simple, payment options are convenient, and support is always there for clients who need it. Their reputation for authentic designs that match real ones in every aspect puts them on at the top.

Every order comes with a duplicate id. It is a fantastic factor. Participants confessed to losing fake ids just like real ids very often. Having the duplicate from the platform saves time and resources. Also, the price is still the same no matter how many times you log in to make an order. That offers stability and assurance to young people that is not a scam.

How to place an order from IdChief

The first step is registering or logging into the platform. You can review the platform information without registering then proceed to register once satisfied. All you need for the registration is a legal email address. Once you enter it, you create an account and proceed to place your order. If you are already a registered member, all you have to do is log into your account to place an order.

An order form will appear on your screen. Enter all the necessary details, including location or area of application, specify age and number of copies you need, and much more. Review the details to ensure there are no mistakes as correction can cost you more delivery time. Once you are sure of everything, click on next.

The order will immediately upload, and the next popup menu appears. There is no upload time where individuals have to wait for the computer to load and process the application. Instead, everything is instant. In a few seconds, you can proceed to enter the payment details before submitting the order form.

Making payments on IDCHIEF

The payment section has all essential credentials in place, awaiting you to enter other essential data. For instance, you need to enter your payment option, which ranges from Western Union and other cryptocurrency-based payment services such as Bitcoin. However, before picking either one of these, it is essential to know that the payment option determines the time it takes to deliver your id.

Some of these options take a long to process and credit amount to the platform. Therefore, no processing can happen without confirmation of payment. Therefore, the faster the transaction and crediting of payments to the site, the faster you receive your id. Cryptocurrency platforms tend to be faster than using cash or western union payment platforms.

Completing the order

After registration and placing the order, what remains is completing the order by submitting the form. Read through to remove any errors or mistakes from the application. Remember, you do not want to revisit your application later, which may tamper with the delivery period for your fake id. Thus, read through the order form again to be sure.

Add the order to a cart by submitting it and make the necessary payments. Once the process is complete, the site will send a notification to your email.

How long it takes to get the fake id?

Since the package has to be anonymous, it is most difficult to use standard shipping methods with customs and other government check-ups. IDCHIEF utilizes stealth in delivering fake id from the website to intended addresses in different states. However, they still manage to ensure that your package goes through customs and is home to your residences within the stipulated period.

The only challenge is that the delivery process can take a bit longer than intended. The indicated period on the leading site is around a week or two for the delivery. However, some of the participants indicated that it could take a whole month before delivery. Some of the reasons the site gave included:

If the order comes in during a public holiday, the days band together, and the delivery period extends. The holidays may come next to a weekend, which further prolongs the period as the site does not count weekends.

The payment option you select to transact with can also add to the delay. The site only ships an order after the payment confirmation and transfer to their platform. Otherwise, they risk the business. Thus, the need to wait.

Corrections and removal or erroneous mistakes from your fake id. State ids have no mistakes. The text, graphics, and security features are top quality and clear for all to see. In case there is a problem with the text you entered, image submitted, or errors on your fake id, the delivery process may take longer.

What are IDCHIEF fake id website charges?

Entering a shipment address includes a fee for the transfer unless you state that the site provides quality fake id services. However, the amount is inclusive in the overall cost indicated on the site. Evaluate the payment platforms and the site charges before moving ahead and placing an order for fake ids.

The charges differ from state to state, with everyday prices ranging from $80 to $100 for one or two fake IDs with duplicates depending on the state. If purchasing three individuals to 9, you get a discount and pay between $60 to $70. However, if you are purchasing for a group of more than ten people, you get a flat rate of $50 for each.

All these fake id designs have similar features, including passing the ID age tests and the BCS. They come with essential id microprint. The site equips them with UV light reflective text printing and a multispec hologram. Besides, you one duplicate for every complete fake id order you place. Other fake ids get the OVI hologram depending on which state they are in or ordering an id for use.

Tracking the fake id

The site offers to track news on its website. Once the order is complete, and the confirmation email for your order comes to your email, you can now wait for the tracking number. The emails give a verification code for the order, invoice, and payment information, and through it, every other information the site needs to communicate to the client.

Once the package is ready for shipment, you receive a notification with a tracking number and the amount of time it will deliver. The site uses several disguise packages to deliver your fake ids. The process is a complex one, and unraveling it may prove not easy.

How do I know I am ordering from the real IDCHIEF fake id website?

It is difficult to identify the right IDCHIEF platform through which to order your fake id. However, it is crucial to note that the real IDCHIEF fake id website has several reviews from pertinent platforms like Trustpilot. Instead of searching personally, you can use the link the trusted review site provides to join and place an order.

Checking the site's registration date can also help. Knowing how long and when the site resumed its functions after the temporary closure is also a defining moment. The easiest is getting a friend who has used the service to help you make the order and await delivery.


If you want to reach and receive customer services from IDCHIF fake id website, you can contact them via their support email address: The response comes within the same day. If you need to confirm your shipping, log onto the platform, and review your shipment schedule.

You can look at the newsstand for any updates regarding your orders, shipping, and new states the site is expanding their services to on the 'News' section.


According to Trustpilot, the overall rating for IDCHIEF fake id website remains at 4.1 stars out of 5. It is a perfect start as it depicts the platform's trustworthiness, the quality of services delivered, and their privacy and commitment to quality customer care services!

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