IDGod is one of the famous fake id websites and vendors online. There is no known location where the website owners or operators reside. Rumors have it that it is run from outside the United States. However, every order they have taken undergoes shipment to owners easily and quickly through anonymous shipping details and packages.

Since making a fake id follows a complicated process, not many companies last long in the industry. IDGod has more than five years in operation and provides quality id and drivers license duplicates. If you decide to make an order, you can remain sure of their quality id-making equipment, advanced technology-wise printing machines, and expert staff members.

Why is IDGOD so popular?

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The platform is one of the earliest fake id providers in the USA market. It has a reputation with school students in colleges, universities, and high schools, which dominate most states. The number of school-going children requiring fake ids is relatively high.

The website is quite simple and straightforward to follow, use, or navigate. However, once you load, you will notice that the platform theme has a code. Since the platform providers believe in giving authentic services, they also preach against using fake images on your id. Therefore, they encourage you to provide a real image as they improve the final product's quality.

Also, a personal picture on a fake id, who wouldn't want one exactly like it?

How to place an order of IDGod

Placing an order is the easiest way to guarantee the authenticity of this fake id website. Therefore, we ordered two different fake ids to be sent to two different states in the country. We aimed to verify how legitimate the platform is and what quality of fake ids we will get at the end of the process.

We went ahead to do some online research on IDGod. What we found was positive responses from regular clients to the site. Most of our colleagues proved that the ids from this platform were top quality and could get you anything, including bar access and purchases at the grocery stores and more. Based on this, we decided to place our orders.

The first popup was an order form prompting us to enter personal details. It's fast and gives an impression of dynamism, especially in facial descriptions. You can pick your exact color hair, the state for which the id should replicate, your weight, and any other credentials you need in an id. You can proceed to select a license number generator to provide you with one. The form also has space for you to enter any other unique details to encode in your order.

In less than half a minute, our representatives had entered essential details and submitted the form. There was no loading up the process as the submission was instant. A prompt to pay for the id came almost immediately.

  • Paying for your fake id on IDGod

The first thing you notice on the payment form is the available options for selecting to make the payment. Anyone worried about not having an anonymous platform to exchange the payment can go ahead and start applying for a fake id. We proceeded to select each payment option to see if it would load and go through. To our amazement, every payment platform was accepted, and all that remained was to enter the authorization details for the payment to go through for the order.

Some of the payment options you can use include Western Union. Bitcoin offers an expressway to pay and deliver your fake id package.

  • Cart System

Submission of the order and payment information are the initial steps in the ordering system. Carting out your purchased items is the last and final step. Once you complete the submission form, an email will appear in your inbox. Another popup menu appears, indicating the site has received your application on your Email. An invoice number is one of the details included in the confirmation email, and a tracking number for your package after shipment is such a significant highlight on the Email.

How long does it take to get your package?

Shipping is the most challenging process for fake id websites. IDGod makes the process more comfortable and the delivery process fast, making it incomparable. Well, you can order your shipment delivered in two different ways.

Regular shipping lasts around two or three weeks for delivery or expresses shipping that only lasts a week. However, these are not exact timelines as each order can face distinct challenges before shipping. These include:

  • Having holidays within the order or delivery period which increase the delivery period.
  • Selecting a payment option that follows a complicated process to deliver payments such as Western Union. Such an order will take longer than another one using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • If you enter the wrong data and correct before printing, you may need more time as your correction period is taken as the new order time. Therefore, you add another delivery period from that date.

All the talk about placing orders and shipments led to the discussion on IDGod fake id website charges. The amount that it costs to order a fake id is dependent:

  • What state your id replication if for and whether you need an old or current id design. For this, the site will charge approximately $200.
  • Ordering many ids and selecting the 'Order Quantity,' you get a 25% discount on the overall price. The price goes even lower if the ids are to be delivered to similar addresses.
  • The payment platform you select to complete the transaction can earn you a 15% discount. However, the offer is only applicable to clients using Bitcoin.

Tracking your ID

You receive your fake id from IDGod after a few days. Ours arrived within six days after making the application. To us, it was the fastest and most fantastic delivery ever. The ids packaging was a USPS box, and it was impossible to suspect what was inside the package.

For real, their mode of stealth in delivering orders is quite complicated. Trying to follow it can make your head ache, but it does pass through customs and is delivered to whichever state enters as the shipment address. There are no complaints when it comes to their shipping process.

Those watch boxes, envelopes, and photo frames work just fine in delivering the IDGod products. Your fake id passes every legal test and selection process making it the best on the market.

How do I know I am ordering from the real IDGod website?

It is a question that many people have come across due to the many fraud sites with the same name. Making a single google search with the term IDGod brings forth more than five outcomes. Knowing which of these is real and provides quality fake ids is paramount for every person out there. Even though all these sites look similar, it is essential to note the registration date.

For IDGod, the date was in 2014, July, and the date was on 6th. The registration for that date was making it the legitimate enterprise. Some of the present names do have legit services like, but if you need quality with competitive services, is your only option.


If you want to reach the fake id website, you can only do so via Email: ( The address works well for customer support and other related issues. However, if facing a challenge with your fake id application or order, it is prudent to use the ( email for fast and efficient services.

If looking to redeem your discounts, use the following code However, check whether it is still in use when placing your massive order.


IDGod holograms are perfect or spot on your fake id. They may appear a bit irregular but retain the regal appearance of state id. They even have a glow when placed at an angle. Their appearance is quite authentic.

UV light

UV light cover and printing are immaculate in design and appearance. It delivers the exact effect allowing you to pass through many access limited areas. Looking at it can convince anyone to order a fake id from the IDGod website.


There is nothing good that comes cheap. The price for each of the IDGod replicates whether a new updated version or the old version of state IDs differ. The quality is also different depending on the order you make. However, services are standard, and the delivery period remains the same or changes according to your order.


The website updates every single state id template to match what every state has at a specific period. For security issues, most states regularly change their state id appearances. However, if you need an outdated id that is still in use, we will prepare and deliver one.


The overall rating for this fake id website rests at 4.5 out of 5. With such a rating, you can be sure of the quality, timely delivery, and average pricing to match the superior make!

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